Here’s An Easy Game To Test How Fast Your Reactions Are

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Aside from the hazard perception test and catching the occasional frisbee, there is rarely an opportunity to truly test how fast your reactions are.

Luckily the guys over at Just Park have created an ’emergency stop’ simulator game to give you that “oooh, I’ve still got it” buzz that, quite frankly, if you’re a driver you should have anyway. Seriously, it’s a dangerous world out there kids.

Testing the game on over 2000 people of all ages, it not only tests reaction speed, but can guess how old you are from the speed of your click. Spooky.

Give it a whirl:

(via JustPark).

Don’t worry, I got called a 42-year-old on my first time too.

If you had a big one on the old drinky-poo last night your reaction times are likely to be 20% slower than normal. People who slept eight hours or more were 20% more likely to react faster, and if you’re a driver anyway you’ve got an extra 10% chance of getting a better score.

Vroom, vroom.


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