David Cameron Just Got Full On Booed At Wimbledon

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In case you didn’t know Andy Murray just won Wimbledon… again.

He’s a man of few words, so no one would really expect him to be in the middle of some pretty on-point political commentary – unless it was about the Scottish referendum perhaps.

However, as he went to have the winner’s chat with Sue Barker, it all got a bit awkward when he appeared to thank ex-prime minister David Cameron.She asked him, “How much do the crowd play a part for you” to which he thanked everyone including, with a very wry smile, “the prime minister of the country.”

The crowd responded with a mixture of tittering laughter and full-on booing:

To which Andy looked incredibly awkward and said, “Playing in a Wimbledon final is tough but being the prime minister is an impossible job.”Well that’s one way of looking at it. David Cameron, who stepped down from his prime ministerial role after the EU referendum, seemed to take all in good jest – not sure what else he could do, to be honest, smiling and clapping alongside his mum, who was accompanying him.

This is the 29-year-old’s second Wimbledon title, and he broke down in tears, along with his mum and trainer Judy and usually stoic coach Ivan Lendl, calling this win: “extra special.”

Huge congratulations to Andy Murray!

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