17 Of The Most Perfect Lesbian Moments From Skins Generation 2

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The new Skins Season 7 Trailer shows Naomi and Emily sharing an emotional hug.

Which means they’re still together!(?) And, now that they’re out of high school, we can stop feeling creepy about wanting them to have sex all the time. Also, we won’t have the constant feeling of concern about why their parents aren’t ever around.

Also, look at Naomi’s shirt in this scene:

Looks like SOMEONE has finally truly accepted her lesbian ways.

Let’s reminisce about those Naomily moments:

1. When Emily stared at Naomi’s boobs while contemplating how to start a game of spin-the-bottle.

2. When Emily showed off her nicely trimmed nails to Naomi.

3. When Emily got a little to overexcited about kissing Naomi and reeled her in with her tongue.

4. When they talked about bikes while wearing baggy sweaters.

Just look at their artfully messy hair.

5. When Emily probably quoted a Tegan and Sara song.

6. When Naomi talked to her cat.

7. When they both wore plaid and mustard.

The merge!

8. When they spoke the words on everyone’s mind.


9. When Emily tried to write an emotional poem about the relationship.

10. When Naomi showed Emily that she trimmed her nails, too.

11. When they said “I love you” at something called a Love Ball.

Which is ironic. Because, you know. They don’t love balls.

12. When they practiced square dancing.

13. When they decided to be drag kings.

14. And when they decided floral and cheetah print totally look cute together.

Yes. Yes, they do.

15. When they decided to be radical activists.

You tell ‘em, girl.

16. But we’re all here for that time Naomi said the realest things ever to Emily:

Much better than a Tegan and Sara song.

17. And it ended up like this:

Excuse me I have to go softly cry into my pillow.

So thank you, Skins, for bringing them back.

We couldn’t be happier.

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