Community Post: 21 Reasons Gemma Styles Is The British Best Friend We Never Knew We Had

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1. She’s a smartie.

2. She partakes in the Lazy Girl’s Diet (as do we).

3. She’s a foodie.

Hey Gem, let’s do brunch? xx

4. She’s a proud big sister.

Sure, her lil bro just happens to be a ROCKSTAR at the ripe-old age of 19, but she’s just a normal, proud big sister.

5. She supports her brother no matter what it takes…

Hey, what are big sisters for?!

6. She’s not afraid to play the “I Told You So” card.

7. She has really cool friends.

8. She’s a 90s girl & stays true to those roots.

9. She introduced us to baby animals in pajamas.

…and for that, we are eternally grateful.


Even without any context whatsoever, we KNOW this conversation was better than any conversation we’ve EVER had. Group text us next time, guys?…maybe?…please?

11. She’s an online shopper….AND quotes Game of Thrones.

12. She’s a sucker for a good rom-com.

G, from one girlfriend to another, it is NEVER unacceptable to watch The Holiday repeatedly.

13. She’s got a case of Wanderlust & a ticket to ride.

14. She has the guaranteed BEST seats in the house at 1D concerts.

No biggie. Hiii boys.

15. She loves her Mama, but sometimes…really just has no idea what she’s talking about.

Happens to the best of us, eh?

16. Homegirl is PUNNY.

Whatta’ gem.

17. …& just flat out hilaaarious.

18. She has great style.

…and is hopefully open to sharing and shopping with future BFFs.


20. She’s got a heart of gold.

According to Sugarscape, Gemma took it upon herself to set up a Skype chat between a One Direction fan and her brother to fulfill the cancer-stricken girl’s dream of meeting Harry. Our thoughts are with those who knew the fan, Kelcey Hallinan, who recently passed away.

21. She’s just a twenty-something-girl trying to be a grown up and what not (she just succeeds at being much cooler at it than the rest of us).

Gemma, we officially have a friend crush on you. Stay awesome, BBFF.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/jessihernandez/21-reasons-why-gemma-styles-is-the-british-best-fr-g9lq

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