Community Post: 7 Latin American Countries You Didn’t Know Were Going To Sochi 2014

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For the most part, Latin American countries do not have snow or winter like temperature needed to practice for the Winter Olympics. So? That does not mean they are not allowed to participate, or make a fool of out of themselves.

1. Argentina

Argentina have had a regular participation on the Winter Olympics. The first time the country participated was in 1928, in St. Moritz, Switzerland. For Sochi 2014, Argentina is sending 7 athletes that will mostly participate in skiing competitions.

2. Chile

Chile, like Argentina, is another Latin American country with fairly regular participation at the Winter Olympics since 1948. This year Chile is sending 6 skiers to compete.

3. Brazil

Mostly well-known for its soccer abilities, beaches, and carnival, it turns out Brazil will also participate in Sochi. In fact, it has the biggest Latin American delegation en route to Russia, 13 athletes. The country will compete in alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-county skiing, figure skating, and snowboarding. Brazilians fans have quite a busy year.

4. Peru

2014 will mark the second time Peru will compete in the winter olympics. This year, the Peruvian Olympic federation will send 3 skiers to compete.

5. Venezuela

This will be Venezuela’s fourth appearance at the Winter Olympics. The skier Antonio José Pardo, will be riding solo as the only representative of the country.

6. Paraguay

Sochi has taken Paraguay’s virginity at the Winter Olympics. The country will also send one athlete, 21-year old skier Julia Marino. Although Marino has lived her entire life in the US, she decided to represent her birth country. She is actually pretty good.

7. Mexico

The guy in the picture above is Hubertus von Hohenlohe, a Mexican citizen descendant of German parents. And yes, that is actually the costume he’ll be using at the Olympics. Also, the dude is a prince, true story.

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