Islamist Fighters In Iraq And Syria Keep Tweeting Pictures Of Cats

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Twitter and Instagram reveal the mundane side of life as a jihadi.

1. Thousands of foreign fighters have gone to Iraq and Syria, where civil war is raging. Many have Twitter and Instagram accounts which they use to document a personal view of life on the ground as a jihadi.

Many of these fighters are believed to have travelled from the UK, with others coming from European countries. The location of the following people cannot be confirmed definitely, but all claim to be in Iraq or Syria.

2. If there’s one thing foreign fighters like to post pictures of, it’s cats with guns.

Abu Fulan al-Muhajir @Fulan2weet

Our lil friend at home here. Little mujahid

6. Any weapon will do, apparently.


Sleep well my little child. #catsofjihad #handgrenade #repostFollow

Abu Uthman AlBritani @Hamidur1988

Recent ganema from Jaba Islam Miya. What do you recognise about the car? Clear proof they take support4rm the west

BuzzFeed checked with the DVLA, and vehicle’s MOT expired last October. It is pictured in an unknown location.

11. Guns get waved around quite casually.

Qa'qā' al-Biritānī @Abu_Qaqa_

My 1st and 2nd wife. 🙂

Abu Fulan al-Muhajir @Fulan2weet

Say my name

17. The bullet writing thing seems to be quite a popular pastime.

Abu Fulan al-Muhajir @Fulan2weet

Ever wondered how we charge our phones here?

19. Sometimes the fighters reminisce about life back in their home countries.

Abu Abdullah @Al_Brittani_

In the uk u wake up somedays thinkin “ah I cnt be asked to go to work”, here u be like “ah man I wna do dogma” .love for the akhira

20. A party-sized Snickers (apparently rare in the Middle East) delights this jihadi.

Qa'qā' al-Biritānī @Abu_Qaqa_

Best chocolate in Syria by far!

22. But M&Ms are the gold standard, apparently.


For those at home nothing but colorful candy. For those in Jihad gold :-))) #mandms #mms #ak47

23. Pizza is also greeted with extreme joy.

Abu Fulan al-Muhajir @Fulan2weet

Sunset in Shaam, seen through my #Glock. #NoFilter #NoMakeUp #NaturalBeauty

26. In the fog of war, there are some questions only Twitter can answer.

Abu Muhajir @abu_muhajir1

What is better tumblr or blogspot?

27. Time to relax? Alcohol-free beer is the order of the day.

Abu Abdullah @Al_Brittani_

This is what a office of ISIS looks like masha Allah

29. #ItsStillBad4you

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