Community Post: 20 Reasons Why Liz Lemon Is Our Spirit Animal

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1. She’s honest about her eating habits

But really, food is delicious

2. She’s not afraid to admit when she’s struggling

While simultaneously referencing “Seinfeld” TO Jerry Seinfeld

3. She can rock the hell out of a short haircut

She’s probably listening to people talk about how awesome her hair is

4. She knows how to silence the haters

Don’t mess

5. She’s classic and doesn’t follow any lame trends

Her glasses are REAL, people

6. She’s wise beyond her years

Dropping wisdom

7. And then there’s this

*Chorus of angels*

8. She understands the importance of alone time

Because night cheese is the best cheese of all

9. She’s humble

Selfie! *click*

10. But she knows when to give herself props

You go girl

11. She understands the limitations of social standards

Because I guess those are just like, the rules of feminism

12. And doesn’t even care

slanket + night cheese = life

13. ‘Cause she’s a BOSS

Sorry Bey…

14. She married a guy that looks like this


15. And adopted two awesome kids

She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom

16. And still got her sandwich

She really made it after all!

17. Oh yeah, and she’s A PRINCESS

Suck it, nerf herders!

18. Then 30 Rock ended and we felt dead inside


19. But then we remembered we still have Leslie Knope


20. And that, is a pretty good thing

Leslie Knope #FTW

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alexclaiborne/20-reasons-why-liz-lemon-is-our-spirit-animal-aiyc

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