Downton Abbey Cast Play ‘Cards Against Humanity’ And It Gets Predictably Nasty…

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If, like me, you’ve been forced to play Cards Against Humanity with your parents for a “bit of a laugh” this Christmas, you’ll understand just how awkward it can get.

There’s only so hard you can laugh along with your mum when she’s reading out a combination that says:


And then having to explain to your crying-with-laughter mum what a ‘bleached asshole’ actually is… “what so they have it cleaned, for sex? But wouldn’t your willy end up sore? You’d come out with a white willy…”

I mean, some things – like your Mum and Downtown Abbey – are meant to be kept innocent. Well this Christmas, thanks to the aforementioned card game, everything is now tarnished and filthy…

Lady Mary being in the same room as the word clitoris, just shouldn’t happen:

What would Lady Edith say? Oh wait, she had a go earlier this year. Disgraceful:

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