What This Demented Man Did To A Toddler Caused One Juror To Faint At The Sight Of One Picture

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As an adult some of the absolute worse crimes you could possibly commit all involve children.

In today’s society it’s completely unacceptable to bring unnecessary harm to a child, and we’re not talking about a spanking. As a warning, this story has the potential to

John Holman III was recently sentenced to 70 years for beating his now-ex-girlfriend’s 21-month-old toddler to death. The beating was obviously severe, but none of the jurors in attendance expected to see anything like it, one even fainted and had to be replaced!

The incident occurred in his girlfriend’s home in Granite City, Illinois on September 10, 2012 while she was in her first day of cosmetology school and her mother was off volunteering at a local mission, leaving the man alone with the little boy. After a while the police got a call to respond; when they arrived on the grizzly scene they could barely believe it themselves. Overall the little boy had over 50 wounds on his body after being pronounced dead, and his feet were covered in feces.

Tom Gibbons of the Madison County State’s Attorney office stated, “It was definitely one of the worst cases of child abuse weve seen in this county.”

Be careful who you trust your kids with folks, no one wants a call like this.

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