Guy Deeply Regrets Arsenal Tweet When They Hilariously Announce New Signing

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Whether you like it or not, the football transfer window has more or less taken over the news over the last couple of months. Players are being sold, players are being bought, over a billion pounds have been spent in the premier league so far and Arsenal fans, like me, are just sort of existing in the background.

Yeah, as per usual, Arsenal pulled out their usual tactics and didn’t really do anything. There were constant rumours that the gunners were going to make some big signings and, until recently, it looked like they were never going to happen.

One of the biggest rumours was about the German international centre-back,Shkodran Mustafi. Arsenal were linked to him for a pretty long time and fans started to get impatient, with one tweeting:

A funny sentiment making light of the frustrating plight of an Arsenal fan, right? Well, it was until Arsenal went ahead and officially announced Mustafi as an Arsenal player yesterday…

Thing is though, the North London side didn’t want Daniel to go unnoticed and announced their signing of Mustafi like this:

Brilliant. You could buy one tenth of Arsenal’s other new centre-back, Rob Holding for the money Daniel has to shed out now.

This isn’t the first time this Transfer Window that Arsenal have announced new signings in an unconventional way, either. When they bought Granit Xhaka, instead of tweeting “hey, Granit’s an Arsenal player now”, they decided to retweet a bunch of frustrated fans pleading them to announce the signing and then break the news…

Good ol’ Arsenal, eh?

… announceGriezmann.

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