Swedish Children’s TV Dancing Genitals Cartoon Sparks Parental Outcry

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Sweden is in the middle of a furious row over a dancing penis. There’s a sentence that we weren’t expecting to pop up today.

The video for Barnkalanen, Sweden’s equivalent of CBeebies, shows animated penises and vaginas smiling and dancing to the tune of a song which uses small children might sometimes use to refer to their private parts.

“Here comes Willie at a run, he has no pants,” goes the song. “Twinkle is cool, you better believe it, even on an old lady … Willie and Twinkle, what a great gang!”

The programme aims to educate children aged three to six about the body. The songs Facebook post has been besieged with angry comments. “What on earth? What the hell? Is this supposed to be educational?” wrote one. “I’ve always wondered how much drugs are being done in the children’s entertainment industry,” wrote another.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think. There is nothing like a giddy penis to break up the day.

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