Community Post: 20 Love Lessons From Destiny’s Child Songs

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2. Playing “hard to get” won’t get you very far.

“No, No, No”

3. Mommas who profit dollas have the upper hand.

“Independent Women”

4. Don’t talk the sexy talk if you can’t walk the sexy walk.

Perfect your moves, or you will be “dismissed.”

“Lose My Breath”

5. Love is disorienting and debilitating.

“Can’t Help Myself”

6. Love makes us stubborn and irrational.

“Bad Habit”

7. Friends provide clarity when we’re blinded by love goggles.


8. Seeking a financially stable partner is NOT gold-digging. It’s practical.

9. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

“Bad Habit”

11. If Beyoncé can get bent out of shape about lost love, so can you.


12. But after the mourning period, get your dumped ass off the couch and move on.


13. The best remedy for heartache is leaning on your friends.


14. Even when in a relationship, alone time is important.

“Jumpin’ Jumpin’”

15. Stalking is a serious turn-off.

“Bug a Boo”

16. Last-ditch gift-giving is not a viable apology.

“Bad Habit”

17. When it comes to finding love, get serious. Time’s a wastin’.

18. When someone does you wrong, don’t get mad. Get even.

In the video for “Emotion,” cheating = bleach all over your clothes.

19. But afterward, keep your digital love record clean.


20. And last but certainly not least: You (yes, YOU) are a sexy beast.

In “Bootylicious,” the ladies remind us to shake it with abandon.

May the love force be with you.

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