Chris Pratt Has Just Joined SnapChat And He’s Already Better Than Us

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Chris Pratt is already basically everyone’s imaginary boyfriend. He’s funny, nice, incredibly attractive – what more could you possibly want?

A SnapChat account, apparently.

Prattis currentlyon location filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so fans are getting a glimpsebehind-the-scenes on his new account.

So far we haven’t seen much of the set, but he did show us his undiesas he stood around with his costume person, Mel, flies undone like a pro.

He doesn’t seem to have discovered the lensesyet, heaven forfend, but he has had a go at the classic SnapChat drawings.

He also rode an electric scooter, told us he has bronchitis, and car-danced to “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” editing the lyrics to acknowledge that boys want to have fun too.

That’s all in less than a day on the social media network. We can’t wait until he discovers the selfie lenses, and tried to be a sexy dog.

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