Parents Slam Channel 5 For Showing “Traumatising” Watership Down On Easter Sunday

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You can kind of guess how it went down. “Hey kids, bring an Easter Egg, there’s a lovely cartoon on the TV about bunny rabbits and stuff.”

A short while later.

“Oh my god…did they just kill the bunny rabbit? I don’t remember it being like this. Cover your eyes kids.”

Yes, apparently scores of parents were angry that Channel 5 decided to show Watership Down on Easter Sunday. It may look like it’s harmless enough, but rabbits get killed and stuff. One parent said:They are showing Watership Down today, beacause, er, nothing says ‘Easter’ like traumatised children…?

The complaining parents drew so much attention that many deleted their tweets today. No doubt they were a great target for trolls. Despite the fuss, most people saw the funny side.

And some were keen to put it all into perspective.

It was a tough Easter Sunday for families this year. If you weren’t being traumitised by Watership Down, you had the horrible realisation that Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is actually a benefit cheat. I can’t decide which is worse.

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