This Is How Steve Jobs Would Explain The Whole Headphone Jack Drama

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Following Apple’s official announcement of an iPhone 7 with no headphone jack, there’s been a bit of a hoo-ha about it.

Some people are happy to say farewell to the headphone jack that we all know so well, but others are outraged with Apple and their idea of ‘courage’.

The removal of the headphone port allows the phone to be more thoroughly waterproof, and has allowed Apple to upgrade the speakers on the outside of the phone to make them louder and higher quality. But music lovers who use their iPhone for music listening will have to invest in a pair of ‘AirPods’, Apple’s own non-bluetooth (but still wireless) headphones that provide better audio quality than normal bluetooth headphones (but cost over $150).

Or, you know, they could use the adaptor that Apple are providing in the box, or the lightning headphones also provided in the box.

But whatever, I’ll leave the rest of the internet to have that argument.

Lots of people are saying ‘if Steve Jobs was still alive, this wouldn’t be happening’ but it turns out that Apple’s entire courage-based philosophy is based on Jobs’ own beliefs. Check out this interview from 2010 in which he explains the thought process behind removing technologies from their devices, including the removal of optical drives:

As per Jobs’ workings here, the audio jack would be the outdated tech that they are removing to make way for what they think is upcoming technology: wireless accessories.

In fact, what he has to say about ‘courage’ in the tech industry seems so relevant to the newjackless iPhones, it’s almost like he founded Apple! (sarcasm)

Obviously, we don’t know if Jobs would have chosen to remove the headphone jack – but Cook made that decision, and Jobs chose Cook as his successor, saying “I trust him to know exactly what to do.”

Let’s just remember when they announced the iPad in 2010, everyone said it sounded like a sanitary towelthat no one would ever buy. As of October 2015, Apple have sold282 million iPads.

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