Teacher’s Wonderfully Wise Advice To Her Students Goes Viral

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It’s exam season, which means that while most of us can gooutside and enjoy the glorious sunshine this weekend, there are a lot of students currently sitting inside, stressed and revising.

For the older students, taking uni exams or A-Levels, this is fair enough. There’ll be other sunny days for you. But for 11-year-olds, who are coming up to their SATs? They’re too young to be stressed on such a beautiful weekend..

At least, that’s what one year six teacher thinks. The “homework” that she set her class this weekend is testament to that.

Urging them to use “this weekend wisely” she suggests that they “spend time with people you love”, “laugh until you tummy hurts”, and “go outside and enjoy the weather”.

Check out her full list:

What a lovely teacher.

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