A Beautiful Tribute: The American Medical Association Has Renamed Autism Boys Autism In Honor Of A Boy Who Had It

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Get ready for the most beautiful story youll hear today. The American Medical Association has officially changed the name of autism to boys autism in honor of a boy who once had the condition!

What a wonderful tribute!

We wanted to make sure the boy who had what was previously called autism is always remembered, so we changed the name of the condition from autism to boys autism, said Dr. Steven J. Stack, the president of the American Medical Association. The American Medical Association believes that this new tribute to the boy will serve as a fitting memorial to his legacy.

Going forward, we remain committed to understanding the mysteries of boys autism, he added.

Wow. Such an incredible way to honor the boy!

The boy was diagnosed with the condition a long time ago and had boys autism for his entire life. Despite the hardships that he experienced as a result of his boys autism, the boy never got discouraged, and he worked hard to live a full and satisfying existence. It is because of the boys refusal to give up in the face of boys autism that the American Medical Association chose to name the condition in his honor.

This is truly a pivotal milestone in the history of boys autism, said Joanna Whisenhunt, chairwoman of the National Boys Autism Foundation, which seeks to understand the causes and consequences of boys autism. One in every 68 children is diagnosed with boys autism. Now, every time we talk about boys autism, we can remember the boy who had boys autism and take inspiration from his perseverance in the face of adversity.

Chances are good that you know someone with boys autism, a condition that affects millions of people in the United States alone. So, on this historic day for boys autism, be sure to share your gratitude to the American Medical Association in the comments!

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